Slate Shapes

Adding a Shape

Shapes are an easy way to add a unique flair to your Slates. Click the Shapes option from the left sidebar to open the Shapes menu. Clicking on any of the shapes will add it to your Slate.

Editing a Shape

To edit a Shape, select it to reveal the Shape options in the toolbar row. Similar to the Chart options, you have access to the following Shape options:

Delete: Click the trash can icon to delete a shape. You can also delete a selected shape by pressing the "delete" button on your keyboard.

Copy: Clicking the Copy icon will make an exact duplicate of the selected shape.

Shape Settings: Shape Settings allows you to adjust the size and position of the shape.

Fill Color: Use the Fill option to set the fill color of a selected shape. The input box will also accept hexadecimal color values or "none" if you'd like a transparent shape.

Border Color: Adjust the border color of your selected shape.

Arrange: We have 4 options for ordering shapes:

  • Bring forward

  • Bring to front

  • Send backward

  • Send to back

We've built out some keyboard shortcuts for two of these to make for quicker arranging. CMD + U (CTRL + U on Windows) will bring the element up one level. CMD + B (CTRL + B on WIndows) will send the element back one level.

Tips: You can also nudge shapes and other elements around using the left, right, up, and down arrow keys.

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