Timed Bars

The Timed Bar Chart allows you to look at counts of data in bar graph format over a time series.

Required Fields

  • table - the table to query.

  • conditions - the conditions to apply to the chart

  • trend_type - the type of trend to use (ex. date, week, month, etc)

  • date_range - the range of dates to use

  • date_field - what field we are using to check the dates

  • record_limit - the maximum number of primary groupings to query

Optional Fields

  • aggregate_type - the type of aggregate to use. If none is provided 'COUNT' will be used.

  • aggregate_field - if an aggregate other than 'COUNT is used, an aggregate field must be provided to determine what to aggregate on.

  • use_group_by - whether the group by is in use

  • group_by - the value to group by

Return Data

An array of objects. Each object is of the following format.

  • (group): the value of the given group

  • id: the date in question

  • query: the query to get to the date

  • stacks: and array containing the display value of each stack/group value

Example Payload

A screenshot of the data in ServiceNow:

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