Percentage Score

Best for: viewing a score as a percentage based on two sets of conditions.


Palette: if using conditional coloring, the first color in the selected palette will be for good scores and the second color will be for bad scores.

Second conditions (Required): The returned query acts as the denominator while the Conditions field acts as the numerator.

Good score (Required): Determines whether a good score is low or high. Select N/A if conditional coloring isn’t needed.

Threshold: if using conditional coloring, this will be the value that determines whether the score is good or bad.

Ignore filters: if selected and if there are filters defined for the dashboard, this chart will ignore the filters.

Display label: if set, this value will be what is displayed as the chart title. If empty, the name of the chart will be used as the chart title. Set this value to none if you don’t want a chart title to be displayed.

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