Create a Chart

In this example, we’ll create a simple Donut Chart that gives us a view into how our incidents are being opened.

The first step to creating a new Chart under your previously created VividCharts Dashboard is to click the Add new Chart button on the Edit Dashboard page of your Dashboard.

Clicking the Add new Chart button will take you into the step-by-step process of building a new Chart.

Step 1 - Chart Title

We'll give our Donut Chart the title of "Incident Contact Type":

Step 2 - Data Source

The second step in the Chart creation process is where we set the source of the data behind our Donut Chart. For this example, we'll use the Incident table.

Initially, the list of Tables is unfiltered:

We'll use the filter to type "Incident" and select the Incident table from the filtered list:

Tips: The data Source filter will accept the display name or system name of the table you're searching for.

Step 3 - Chart Type

In this step we'll select the Chart Type that we want to use. We can again use the filter and select "Donut".

Step 4 - Summary

On the fourth step of our Chart creation process, you'll be able to review—and edit if necessary—all of the details you selected in the previous steps.

If you need to edit any of the details for the Chart, you can click the green Edit button to the right of a particular detail.

Step 5 - Edit Chart Options

Clicking the green Edit Chart Options button on the Summary step will bring you to a page:

On this page you'll see Chart Options as well as Chart Details for the chart we've been creating. Here we can adjust various conditions and settings available to us for the Chart.

Let's set the Conditions filter to "Contact type is not empty".

Warning: This example is assuming a near out-of-the-box implementation of ServiceNow Incident Management. If you have a customized instance, you might be using different fields and values.

We'll set the Group By field to "Contact Type", and we'll also click Show Advanced Options to turn the Display Legend toggle on.

You'll notice the "required fields" are marked with a red circle that will turn green once they are filled in. Clicking on the Preview icon will open the Preview panel allowing you to see your newly created chart.

Along the top right of the window, you'll notice a set of icons. Available actions are Preview, Copy Chart, Save, and Save & Leave. The save actions are only available once the required fields are filled in for the Chart.

Once we have our Chart created, we can click Save & Exit to return to our Edit Dashboard page to continue building our Dashboard.

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