Add Widgets to Page

Service Portal Widgets can be added to Service Portal Pages in the layouts added to the page in the previous wiki step. VividCharts charts and visuals are each their own Service Portal Widget so this page walks you through adding widgets to the page. For this example, we’re going to add the ‘Dashboard Controller’ widget to our page and then configure widget instance options. If you don’t have a dashboard created yet, don’t worry. The main parts we are focusing on here is the ability to drag a widget onto the page and then the ability to edit the widget instance options.

In the left-hand list, search for the widget you want to add to the page. In this example, I searched ‘Dashboard Controller’ to find the widget I am looking for. Once you see the widget in the list, you can drag it into one of the row column layouts you have created.

Once you’ve added the widget to the layout, you can fill in the widget instance options if they have any. To do this, click the pencil icon on the top-right corner of the widget you just added. You can also remove the widget by clicking the trash can icon next to the pencil.

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