Double Donut

The Double Donut is just what it sounds like: a Donut Chart embedded within a second Donut Chart.

Required Fields

  • table - the table to query.

  • conditions - the conditions to apply to the chart

  • group_by - the primary grouping

  • second_group_by - the secondary grouping

  • record_limit - the maximum number of primary groupings to query

Optional Fields

  • aggregate_type - the type of aggregate to use. If none is provided 'COUNT' will be used.

  • aggregate_field - if an aggregate other than 'COUNT is used, an aggregate field must be provided to determine what to aggregate on.

Return Data

An array of objects. Each object is of the following format.

  • name: The display name for the slice

  • query: the query that the chart will apply on the slice

  • value: the number for the data point in the slice

Example Payload

A screenshot of the data in ServiceNow:

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