Connected Filters

Connected filters is an option for all our dynamic filter types. When filters are connected they will share information concerning what values are selected. Some types of filters then use that information to filter their available options based off of what has been selected in the other connected filters. To connect filters on a dashboard simply toggle the connected option on for at least 2 dynamic filters.

Warning: The connected filter must have Include All toggled on if available to give it a baseline to work off of. This will be handled automatically.

Warning: Multi select is not available for Connected Filters

When more than one connected filter is present they will listen to each other and any filter types that can, will filter their selections based on the selections of other filters. For example if a dynamic dropdown of assigned to and priority were on the same dashboard and connected. If you selected a user in the assigned to dropdown, only the priority levels that the user is assigned to will be displayed in the priority filter.

To reset the filters and clear the current settings to start a new query, simply press the reset button on the filter.

Tips: The reset button will not appear if the dashboard is already in the default state.

For the behavior of the individual filters when connected, see the list below.

Filter Type



Will filter other filters and have its choices filtered

Dynamic Dropdown

Will filter other filters and have it's choices filtered

Date Range

Will filter other filters but will always have the full range of dates available


Will filter other filters but will always have a full selection


Will filter other filters but will always allow free user input

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