Create Embedded Score

To create an Embedded Score, we navigate to the VividCharts Creator Hub and click on the Embedded Scores tile.

This will take you to a list of your Embedded Scores where you'll click Create New Embedded Score button to create your new Embedded Score.

Score Options

For our Embedded Scores we have 3 options: Table, Calculated, and Performance Analytics.


Table Embedded Scores allow you to build a Score from a Table value. In the below example, we're using the Task table. You can see the Score Preview on the right in the Embedded Score Settings column.


Calculated Embedded Scores allow to you calculate a score by referencing one or more existing Embedded Scores. To create a Calculated Score, select the Calculated tab and either enter your calculation in the textarea, or utilize other Embedded Scores from the selection are to the right of the text area.

Example Calculation: ([Embedded Score 1] * 3) / [Embedded Score 2]

Performance Analytics

You can reference a Performance Analytics Indicator score as an Embedded Score. To do this, select the PA tab. Select the Performance Analytics indicator that you would like this score to pull from. This will use the most recent available score from this indicator.

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