Create New Slate Style

To create a new Slate Style navigate to the VividCharts Creator Hub and find the Styles tile. Unlike the other tiles on the Creator Hub, the Styles tile isn't clickable itself. Instead, the Styles tile is where we house the features that allow you to add custom styling to your VividCharts creations.

Find the Slate Styles link inside of the Styles tile and click the link to navigate to the Slate Styles list. There you will see the following:

To create a new style, you'll click Create New Slate Style where you'll be directed to the Edit Slate Style page.

Your Slate Style uses pure CSS (no preprocessors like SCSS) to apply styles to the various charts you'll create. In the above example, we've changed all the h1's in a chart to have a font size of 38px and a rich blue color (#0033a0).

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