Narrative Snapshots

Think of Snapshots as a way to create versions of your Narratives. With Snapshots in VividCharts, you have the ability to save the current state of your Narrative.

Creating a Narrative Snapshot

To create a Narrative Snapshot, first navigate to a Narrative detail page. Under the Narrative Settings on the right, you'll find the Snapshots area with a link to the Snapshot Manager page for that Narrative.

Clicking the Snapshot Manager link will bring you to the Snapshot Manager page for that Narrative:

Creating a new Snapshot

Clicking on the Create New Snapshot button will create a new Snapshot with the current settings.

Snapshot Options

We've given users a number of options for their Snapshots from editing the title and status, to being able to edit the Slate of that Snapshot, as well as downloading

Snapshot Details

If a Snapshot's status is set to Draft—the default setting—you have the option to edit the title and status of that Snapshot.

Clicking on the pencil Edit icon next to Draft will open the Snapshot details:

Warning: Once you change a Snapshot's status from Draft to Published the Snapshot details cannot be edited.

Snapshot Slate Editor, Download, and Delete

To the right of each Snapshot title you'll find a Slate Editor icon, a Download icon, and on the Draft Snapshots you'll find a Delete icon.

  • Slate Editor: Clicking the Slate Editor icon for a Snapshot will allow you to edit the layout of that Snapshot.

  • Download: Your Snapshots will have the option to download to PDF or PNG files.

  • Delete: For Snapshots with a status of Draft, you will be able to delete the Snapshot.

Tips: Admins are able to delete published Snapshots from the Snapshots table (x_vivid_vividchart_version).

Warning: When editing the layout you will be able to move Charts, add Text and Shapes, but you will not be able to add new Charts to the Snapshot.

Snapshot Frequency

Under the Narrative Details section on the Snapshot Manager screen, you'll find options to automatically create Snapshots at a determined cadence.

You have options to set the Snapshot Frequency to: none, weekly, or monthly.

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