Edit Slate

Slate Editor

From a dashboard or slide record that uses Slate, you can open the Slate Editor by clicking Edit Layout. This will open the Slate editor for this Dashboard or Slide that will look like this:

In the toolbar on the left, you'll see a few options:

  • Settings: overall settings for the Slate such as default dimensions and background color.

  • Templates: predefined templates that you can use to shape and style the current Slate. For example, you can choose the 'Blank Infographic' template to set the dimensions of your Slate to a long format.

  • Charts: add your previously created dashboard charts to the Slate. Select the Chart you want to add and it will automatically be dropped on to your Slate. From there, you can click and drag to reposition the Chart on the Slate's grid.

  • Text: allows you to add static text such as annotations to a given Slate.

  • Shapes: allow you to add shapes like circles or rectangles to the Slate.

Adding an element

Here we'll add a Chart to the Slate. Select the Chart option and a menu will open with all the Charts associated with this particular Dashboard.

Clicking on the Chart will drop it on to the Slate for you to reposition.

Resizing a Chart

We have resizing functionality built right in to the elements themselves.

Clicking on a chart (outside of the actual chart data) will bring up resize handles on the left, right, top, bottom, and on the corners of the selected chart element.

Dragging any of these resize handles will allow you to resize the chart to your liking.

We've engineered the resizing functionality in Slate to appropriately scale the charts inside of their containers on resize.

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