Data Hub Overview

The VividCharts Data Hub curates all of your out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, Performance Analytics dashboards, and VividCharts views and presents a personalized view for anyone in your organization.

To access the Data Hub, search for VividCharts in the left hand nav, then select Data Hub from the options under VividCharts.

Clicking on the Data Hub link will open a new browser window with your Data Hub loaded and ready to view.

VividCharts Data Hub is broken down into four main areas: Left Nav, My Views, Comment Stream, and My Pins.

  • Left Nav: The ‘Left Nav’ will display your avatar, display name, and user role that is in your ServiceNow user record. If you don’t have an avatar set in your user record Data Hub will default to showing the initials of your display name. Clicking on the avatar area will allow you to change your display name and initials (if no image is set for your avatar).

  • My Views: The heart of VividCharts Data Hub is ‘My Views’. This area of Data Hub allows you to access out-of-the-box ServiceNow Reports and Dashboards, ServiceNow Performance Analytics Dashboards, VividCharts Dashboards, and VividCharts Narratives that your user has access to.

  • Comment Stream: The comment stream panel displays a running stream of comments that others have made on the various Views you have access to. (More on comments later.) These comments are displayed from newest to oldest so you can see the most recent comment someone has made on a View.

  • My Pins: Do you have a few Views that you keep coming back to? Pin them! The Views that you pin will show up in the ‘My Pins’ panel of Data Hub for quick access to your favorites.

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