Dashboard Tags

Creating Tags

Tags can be created by VividCharts Admins under the VividCharts > Tags section in the Navigator:

We've included a few Tags out of the box, but these Tags can be tailored to your specific use-cases by your VividCharts Admins.

Filtering Dashboards List by Tags

When you navigate to the Dashboards list, you'll see a new Tags filter on the right side of the screen. Only Tags that are currently present on Dashboards on the list will show up in this section.

Clicking on one or multiple Tags will filter the Dashboard list to show only Dashboards that have those Tags.

To reset the Tags filter, simply click on the Tag(s) that are currently active to remove them and reset the Dashboards list.

Tagging a Dashboard

To apply a Tag to a Dashboard, first navigate to a Dashboard detail page.

Under the Dashboard Settings panel to the right, you'll find a "+" icon next under the Tags section. Clicking that will open a dropdown that allows you to select new Tags for the Dashboard.

Removing a Dashboard Tag

To remove a Tag from a Dashboard, simply click on the Tag and it will delete it from that Dashboard's list of applied Tags.

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