Filter Types

There are 3 main categories of filters that appear when you select a filter: Button, Breakdown and Dynamic.

Tips: Button and breakdown filters used cached data, meaning stakeholders that are not roled for the tables in question can still view the pre-collected aggregate data. There are also incredibly fast as there is no need to query tables to view the data.

Warning: You may only add one category of filter to each dashboard. You may have any number of buttons, any number of dynamic filters or a single breakdown.

On the right side of each filter, you will see a list of charts that are on the dashboard. Should you wish a chart to not have the filter applied, you may click the icon representing the chart and the filter will not run for that chart.

Button Filters

A button filter is represented by a button in the control panel that when clicked applies the conditions it was created with to the data.

Warning: If only one button is used, it will not appear as a selectable button and simply apply its condition to the entire dashboard. If you want a button that resets to base unfiltered values, you can create a button with no conditions.


  • Order - This determines the order in which the button is placed. Lower number are arranged more left than higher numbers.

  • Default Table - The default table used for the button.

  • Default Conditions - The conditions that the button uses.

Breakdown Filters

A Breakdown filter is a dropdown containing a list of every possibility of the chosen breakdown field that matches the given conditions. By selecting a different breakdown the condition of the chosen breakdown field equals the chosen breakdown will be applied to the dashboard.

Tips: Only 1 breakdown filter may be present on a dashboard at one time. If you need more than 1 breakdown and don't mind using a dynamic filter, dynamic dropdown has a similar effect.


  • Default Table - The default table used to populate the breakdown field.

  • Breakdown Field - The field to use to populate the dropdown.

  • Sort Type - Whether the dropdown lists in ascending or descending order

  • Include All - A toggle which is selected will include an "All" option at the top of the list which does not apply a filter to the chart.

  • Default Conditions - A list of conditions to apply to the breakdown to narrow down the list of options that populate the list.

Dynamic Filters

Warning: Users must be roled for the tables you wish to access using dynamic filters.

Dynamic filters are filters that run queries that generate the chart data in real time when the run button is pressed. The filters all work in conjunction with each other and you can use multiple filters to filter your data in a near endless amount of ways. There are numerous types of dynamic filters but there is no limit to how many can be on a dashboard and by querying the data directly you can be sure it is always up to date. We have many different types of dynamic filters, for a look at them in detail see the Dynamic Filters Page.

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