Filtering PA Data

When filtering PA data, a special PA breakdown option is needed. These are only available on dynamic filters and only on the dropdown, dynamic dropdown and reference. To attach a PA breakdown, a PA chart must be present on the dashboard.

Tips: PA charts with no PA breakdowns on a filter will simply not filter allowing you to leave a PA chart up as a reference and not have to deactivate the filter for each PA chart on your dashboard.

The filter with the lowest order value will be scanned for a PA Breakdown and if present will be used to filter PA Charts on the dashboard. When creating a PA Breakdown, simply select the same field as is selected in the breakdown field and it can be used to filter PA charts as well.

Tips: To make a filter that is just focussed on managing PA data, The non PA charts can be selected for ignore so the filter only affects the PA charts on the table.

Warning: Even if no non PA charts are on the dashboard, the default table and breakdown field must still be filled out for the filter to work.

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