Editing a Chart on Slate

Slate gives you multiple options for editing, organizing and customizing your Slate. Along with a fluid element placement experience, Slate allows you customize various settings for Charts.

Clicking on a chart will select it and bring up the chart options in the toolbar row:

From there we have a few options:

Delete :

This one is self-explanatory. Clicking the trash can icon will delete the chart from the slate. Remember to save or this delete won't take place—if the Slate was previously saved with the chart present. You can also delete a chart by pressing the "Delete" button on your keyboard.

Chart Settings:

Clicking the gear icon will bring up the Chart Settings.


The arrange option will allow you to adjust order and alignment of a chart.

We have 4 options for ordering charts:

  • Bring forward

  • Bring to front

  • Send backward

  • Send to back

We've built out some keyboard shortcuts for two of these to make for quicker arranging. CMD + U (CTRL + U on Windows) will bring the element up one level. CMD + B (CTRL + B on WIndows) will send the element back one level.

Tips: You can also nudge charts and other elements around by using the left, right, up and down arrow keys.

Slate Styles:

To apply a Slate Style to a chart, click on the Slate Style icon to bring up the modal:

Apply some base styles or styles you've created in the Slate Styles area:

Edit Chart:

The last icon on the group of chart options is Edit Chart. Clicking this icon will open the Chart Details page in a new tab for you to edit directly.

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