Best for: visualizing groups of data relative to each other in the form of blocks. There are 100 blocks with each representing 10 percent of the total.


Palette: uses the colors from the selected palette.

Group by (Required): The field that will make up the individual block colors.

Aggregate Type: how the individual groupings should be calculated.

Aggregate Field: if Aggregate Type is not ‘Count’, this field will be used to calculate the individual groupings.

Limit (Required): Determines how many groupings will be displayed.

Clickable: if selected, allows users to click on a block to open the list of records.

Click through: if Clickable is selected, this optional field allows you to set the url suffix that the click should lead to. Defaults to the out-of-the-box list page if left empty.

Display legend: if selected, displays the legend for the block colors.

Ignore filters: if selected and if there are filters defined for the dashboard, this chart will ignore the filters.

Display label: if set, this value will be what is displayed as the chart title. If empty, the name of the chart will be used as the chart title. Set this value to none if you don’t want a chart title to be displayed.

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