Score List

The Score List provides a way to view groups of scores against each other.

Required Fields

  • table - the table to query.

  • conditions - the conditions to apply to the chart

  • group_by - the field to group on

  • record_limit - the amount of data points toi get

Optional Fields

  • aggregate_type - the type of aggregation to use

  • aggregate_field - the field to aggregate on if count is not used

Return Data

An array with each data point representing a group with its information.

  • name: the display value of the group by field

  • query: the encoded query able to reach that data

  • value: the numerical value of the data

Example Payload

A Javascript Object:

    'name': "Inquiry/Help",
    'query': "category=inquiry",
    'value': 12
}, {
    'name': "Network",
    'query': "category=network",
    'value': 36

A screenshot of the data in ServiceNow:

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