Dashboard Details

Dashboard Settings

From the Edit Dashboard page (the page that you are automatically taken to after creating a Dashboard) you have the option to control various high-level settings for the Dashboard. The Dashboard Settings are located in the right-hand column on this page.

The settings that can be changed:

  • Title: the name of the dashboard that will be displayed as a title on the page if 'Display Title' is set to yes.

  • Exportable: if toggled on, allows the Dashboard to be exported and displays the Export to PDF icon on the Slate.

  • Refresh Frequency: controls whether or not the dashboard will automatically check for new data and at what frequency it will do so. The refresh is ideal for wall Dashboards.

Warning: Ensure that the consumers of the Dashboard have read access to the tables that the charts are pulling data from if you use a refresh or you could encounter issues loading the Dashboard.

  • Sharing: Clicking the down arrow next to Sharing will open the Sharing options. Here, you're able to control the Read Access and Edit Access of the Dashboard.

    • Read Access: By default, Dashboards are only shared with the creator of the Dashboard. You also have the ability to share with Specific People, Everyone, or make it Publicly accessible.

    • Edit Access: To open your Dashboard up to editing by other team members, you can adjust the Edit Access of your Dashboard. You have the option to share with individual Users, Groups and even Roles.

Dashboard Details

The heart and soul of your Dashboard are the Charts and Filters. The Dashboard Details are located in the main column of the Edit Dashboard page.

Charts: create Charts with your data. You can choose different chart options and chart types to present your data. Click Add new Chart to begin the Chart creation process.

Filters: create a new filter for your Dashboard using a table. You can also choose what type of filter and order you want to use. Click Add new Filter to set filter conditions for your Dashboard.

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