My Views

The ‘My Views’ panel is a list of the various Views your user has access to. It’s an easy way to access all of your out-of-the-box ServiceNow Reports and Dashboards, ServiceNow Performance Analytics Dashboards, VividCharts Dashboards, and VividCharts Narratives.

Clicking on a View will expand it to allow you to see the data contained within the View.

Filtering My Views

On initial load of Data Hub, My Views will be filtered alphabetically by All. You also have the ability to filter by ‘Newest’ and ‘Most Viewed’ inside of the My Views panel.

Pinning a View

You also have the ability to ‘Pin’ a View from the Left Nav by clicking on the colored pin button. Pinning a View adds that pinned View to the Left Nav and the My Pins panel of Data Hub.

Tips: Read more about Pins in the ‘My Pins’ section of the docs.

Commenting on a View

To open a View’s Comments, click the Comment button at the bottom right of the View. This will collapse the Left Nav and open the View’s Comment Pane.

Anyone with access to this View has the ability to leave comments in this area.

There are two additional buttons in the Comment Pane that allow you to copy a direct link to the View and open the View in a new tab.

To navigate back to the main Data Hub screen, simply click on the ‘Home’ link in the Left Nav.

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