Creating and Using Palettes

Creating a Palette

To create a new Palette navigate to the VividCharts Creator Hub and find the Styles tile. Unlike the other tiles on the Creator Hub, the Styles tile isn't clickable itself. Instead, the Styles tile is where we house the features that allow you to add custom styling to your VividCharts creations.

Click on the Palettes link inside of the Styles tile, and you'll be directed to the Palettes page with a list of all your existing Palettes.

Here, clicking on Create New Palette will take you to the Edit Palette page.

On this page, we have two options for adding colors: a color selector and a hex-code input.

You'll notice that the colors are added on-click from the Select Colors color grid. You can also add via input below the color grid.

Colors in a Palette are prioritized from left to right, top to bottom. Clicking and dragging on any color from the Palette Colors section will allow you to reorder the Palette.

Changes to a Palette will be auto-saved.

Using a Palette

To use your newly created Palette, head to a Dashboard and create a new Chart.

On the Edit Chart Options step, you'll select your Color Palette from the Chart Details area:

We'll select our newly created Palette and click the Preview icon to check it out:

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