Timed Bars

Best for: finding trends over time.


Palette: uses the first color of the selected color palette.

Use Group By: should the Group by field be used to create separate bars for each period?

Group or Stack: if Use Group By is true, determines if the individual bars should be grouped or stacked.

Group by: the field that determines the separate bars if Use Group By is true.

Display legend: if Use Group By is true, displays a legend for the individual bar colors.

Trend type (Required): The collection of time to be viewed. For example, daily or weekly.

Date range (Required): The period of time to be visualized. For example, last month.

Date field (Required): The field that is used in the trend type.

Threshold: if a value is set, a horizontal line will appear to visualize a threshold behind the lines.

Display grid: displays horizontal grid lines behind the timed bar chart.

Display label: if set, this value will be what is displayed as the chart title. If empty, the name of the chart will be used as the chart title. Set this value to none if you don’t want a chart title to be displayed.

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