Visualizes co-occurrence between two columns from a table while also seeing the relative size of an individual column.

Required Fields

  • table - the table to query.

  • conditions - the conditions to apply to the chart

  • group_by - the primary grouping

  • second_group_by - the secondary grouping

Optional Fields


Return Data

An array with a single object inside it. The object contains two arrays, one for the links between the nodes and another that contains the nodes. The structure is shown below.

  • links: array of links

    • query: the encoded query relate to the links

    • source: the array index containing the node on the left side

    • target: the array index of the node on the right side

    • value: the numerical value of the shared connection

  • nodes: an array of the nodes from top-down, left-right

    • name: the display value of the node

Example Payload

A screenshot of the data in ServiceNow:

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