Create a Filter

Creating a filter is a quick and painless process. Let's walk through the process. Starting out at our dashboard we can click on the create filter to create a filter.

Once we are in the add new filter page, we can see several options. On the right side of the screen is the filter title, which changes the title that appears above the filter, the chart ignore options where by clicking the funnel icon next to a chart you can exempt it from the filter and help links to our filter documentation and community support site. On the top left is our filter options selector which determines which type of filter you are creating.

Tips: Button and Breakdown filters use cached data to ensure access to non roled users as well as lightning quick speed. Dynamic filters though are always up to date and have a lot more customizability.

When selecting a filter type in the filter options the menu will change and the options available will be determined by the type of filter you have chosen. For a more in depth look at those individual options, see our filter types page.

When the options for a given filter are filled out, there will be two buttons that appear that allow you to save your filter and stay on this screen, or save your filter and return to your dashboard.

Tips: There may be a slight delay after clicking save while initial data is generated for especially large tables with many charts.

And that's it! Check out the various filter types and see how they help you unlock the true power of your VividCharts!

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