Create Prep Text

To create a new Prep Text record that can be used by a VividCharts Narrative slide, start by navigating to the Narrative record that you want to add the Prep Text to. Once you are here, click the Add New Prep Text button. This will display the Create New Prep Text modal.

On the modal, you will see the Title and HTML fields. This is the text or content that will actually show up in your Prep Text widget when added to one of your Narrative slides. This gives you the ability to update the text displayed on that slide before a given presentation so you don’t have to go back into the Slate Editor. Add some text to this new record and then click Create. We now have a Prep Text record that we will add to a Narrative slide.

Now that we have a Prep Text record, this Prep Text will be available to add to any of the current Narrative's slides when modifying the slide layout in the Slate editor.

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