Slate Arrangement Tools

We have a number of arrangement tools available on the Slate Editor to make it easier to build out your Dashboard Slates.

Once you've clicked the Arrangement icon, you'll see options for:

  • Order

  • Align

  • Element Group


The Order options allow you to move elements or groups of elements forward or backward in relation to other elements. This allows for unique layering effects. If you're familiar with the HTML concept of z-index, it works similarly to that.


The Align options will align elements or groups of elements to the Slate. You have options for left, right, center, top, bottom, and middle.

Element Group

The Element Group options allow you to select multiple elements at once and align them to each other. To select multiple elements at once, use CTRL + click (CMD + click on Mac). Once multiple elements are selected, the Element Group options will allow for alignment left, right, center, top, bottom, and middle. Additionally, you can equally distribute elements vertically or horizontally.

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